NSM Source Code from 1995

In 1988 I started working on a project called the "Network Security Monitor", or simply NSM. It formed the core of my Master's thesis work, which I published in 1991. A description of the NSM at that time can be found in the appendix to my thesis here, or you can read the full thesis here.

The Air Force took a copy of NSM and developed it into their ASIM system. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) took a copy and developed it into their JIDS system. And Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) took a copy and developed it into their NID system.

In 1993, for a variety of reasons, I largely stopped working on NSM, but I did at least a final version of it in 1995 which included the ability to analyze RPC, NFS, and SNMP traffic.

Here is the last README.overview from the developer's distribution in 1995.



I recently asked my boss at the time, Prof. Karl Levitt, if I could post the source code, and he said that it was fine.

So if you want to download some old source code, mostly dating from about 1991-1995 (and in K&R C no less), click here.