The Googol, Google,, and Richie Rich

In 1976 I learned what a googol was through a clever Richie Rich mystery. 21 years later the founders of a search engine botched the spelling of the word when they registered their new domain name, but I think they might approve of the villain’s words on the comic’s cover - NOTHING CAN STOP THE '“GOOGOL” NOW!

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Apple Watch - living like Richie Rich, the richest kid in the world

Richie Rich comic book covers often showed what the creators imagined what the greatest wealth in the world could buy. In 1976 that included watches that could play music or make telephone calls. 42 years later, in some ways, I am living like the imagined richest kid in the world could.

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The Rise of the Manipulation Platforms

The new business models enabled by the Internet is highly effective platforms designed to manipulate us. We offer ourselves up for manipulation every day. Even if you think you are immune, the people around you are also being exposed to these manipulation platforms, and they have a very real vote in your life.

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A New Side of Cyber Security

Cyber attacks have taken on a new and dangerous dimension. The goal of these attacks is to manipulate people to believe a certain thing, increasingly identify with that belief, and ultimately to take actions based on that belief.

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Walking on Other Worlds

On July 21, 1969 the first human walked on another world. On December 14, 1972 the last human walked on another world. Will we reach a time when no living human has walked on another world?

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The Jungle Book, Again

A second live action version of “The Jungle Book” is coming out just 2 years after the last live action version.

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Streaming Analytics, Geometric Series, and Intrusion Detection

Streaming analytics for analyzing endpoints and users for intrusive behavior has been around for about a quarter century, probably most heavily promoted by SRI with their extensive publications on their NIDES intrusion detection system. These 1998 notes show how I made SRI's statistics more understandable to me.

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Lacked Candor

Friday evening, 16 March 2018, Attorney General Sessions fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe was set to retire on Sunday. Jeff Sessions in a statement explained that he fired McCabe in part for "lack of candor - including under oath - on multiple occasions."

Note that Sessions did not say McCabe "lied" but that he "lacked candor".

That reason makes this video of Session's testimony under oath seem extra special.