Handing off responsibilities

I've managed my own web site since 1996 – over 17 years. I tried to keep it simple because I was focused on the content – papers, articles, presentations, videos, and tools. I ran it Mac OS X, and it progressed through many operating system versions and several pieces of hardware. But I've decided it was time to hand off the web site management to someone else.

My current system for my web site is an old Mac mini running the dated (but still beloved) Snow Leopard operating system. It is co-located at a small, local ISP. The ISP has moved its offices since the last time I visited, so I don't even know where my box is physically located. Managing the system remotely was always a bit of a pain (in part because of poor bandwidth), and I was always worried when rebooting, especially after a software update, that there might be a problem with it coming back up. More than once I've had to go over to the ISP's office (when I knew where it was) with keyboard, mouse, and monitor to physically manage my system.

And then there was the fear that I would post something that was actually popular, and my little Mac mini would choke under the load. Wanting to have a web site to share information but remain unpopular because of load concerns seems like a contradiction.

So today I've decided to hand off web site management to Square Space.

They are responsible for the hardware, software updates, security issues, and bandwidth. I just need to focus on the content.