Audit Viewer: Getting Started

Sometimes software can take an unexpectedly winding path to release.

I basically finished Audit Viewer version 1.1 a year ago, but I delayed it to wait until FAAS was released. Audit Viewer version 1.1 takes advantages of process snapshots to enhance the BSM data, and FAAS generated these snapshots. But then Mavericks broke a few pieces of FAAS including its crypto (which is funny because Apple's crypto changes also created a huge vulnerability for Apple), and I became focused on Data Fence (currently under review at the Mac App Store).

In the meantime, I created PS Logger, so users can take advantage of process snapshots without installing all of FAAS's infrastructure. With PS Logger released, I finally figured it was time to release version 1.1 of Audit Viewer (and it too is under review at Apple right now, sigh...).

Here is a video showing how to get started with Audit Viewer. It also gives you a glimpse at how you can zoom into different levels of audit analysis.