Are You Prepared for the NSA?

IMHO, the greatest value of the Snowden leaks is that they illustrate the threats you face. Even if the NSA and related organizations were dismantled today, you would still face the same threats and attack strategies as described in these documents.

The threats may come from other countries' state operations (almost all countries have them now), professional cyber criminal organizations, "Ocean's 11" style hacker teams, sophisticated individuals, and fully automated, multi-vector mal-systems operating perhaps independently of their creators (25 years ago Robert T. Morris accidentally released such a beast). 

The latest revelations from the Snowden leaks are a series of documents including one titled "I Hunt Sys Admins".

Of course sys admins are going to be targets!

So will your organizational partners, your suppliers and contractors, your supply chain, and your employees. I remember hearing a story where a VMS system administrator received a tape in the mail with a new OS release. It was a Trojaned operating systems. VMS? Software distribution by tapes? Yes, these techniques are that old.

So while you can wring your hands and decry the NSA's activities, there is one thing you should absolutely ask yourself:

Am I prepared to deal with these types of threats?