Cube Dreams




In Cube Dreams you wander in a 3D world of grids and cubes to secure all the jewels in the best time you can. Swipe your way to faster speeds. Turn your device to steer your way around obstacles. Tap to jump on cubes and ascend to higher vantage points.

The game is, from the ground up, casual. You cannot die. You cannot run out of time. You can jump to any map you want at any time. Got a few minutes before a meeting or class starts? Whip out your phone and try to beat one of your previous best times. Want to enjoy a game on your iPad without the stress of death? Start up Cube Dreams, lean back on your couch, and lose an hour while finding better paths to all the jewels in each map.

A quick video of the Cube Dreams casual game

iPhone home screen

Selecting a map to play on the iPhone. I recommend you start at the beginning and work your way through, but you can jump to any map at any time

First map

View from the trenches. I was supposed to "stay off the floor", but I fell off one of the platforms

iPad version: that's a lot of jewels to get

iPad version: I gotta (tap to) jump to get those jewels

iPad version: fast sprint, jumping back and forth across the line to get the jewels