Cube Dreams: Support

Bugs. Work arounds?

No known bugs yet, but when we find some, we will update the information here.

Your Mission

Get all the jewels. Once you have secured all the red jewels (you will hear the crowd shout when this happens), a blue jewel will appear somewhere. Get that one, and you have finished the map.

The Controls

Quitting the map: 2-finger swipe left

During game play, to return to the map menu (quitting the current map), do a two finger swipe to the left.


Speed up: swipe up or left

To get going or speed up, swipe up or left with a single finger. Each swipe increases speed by a single gear until you reach 4th gear.

Slow down: swipe down or right

To slow down, swipe down or right with a single finger. Each swipe slows you down by a single gear until you come to a stop.


To jump up (e.g., to jump onto a cube), tap the screen.

Turn Right and Left in steering wheel mode

To turn right, turn the phone to the right. You need to turn at least 10 degrees before you start turning. The more you turn your phone, the faster you turn in the game.

To turn left, turn the phone to the left.

Turn Right and Left in turn your body mode

In the configurations section you can change the turning mode from steering wheel mode to turn your body mode. In turn your body mode, if you want to turn to the left, turn your whole body to the left. Likewise with turning right.

A bit of a warning here: (1) you should be standing up to do this because you will be spinning all around, and (2) some people can get motion sickness constantly turning around while focusing on the screen.

I find it fun to try this mode for a while, and showing people this mode is a nice way to show off an iOS device's capabilities, but I prefer the steering wheel mode when playing for any length of time. And if you are in public, someone might think you are having a mental breakdown as you keep spinning left and right.

Look Up and Down

To look up, tilt the phone back. To look down, title the phone forward. A lot of jewels are above you, so don't forget to look up frequently.