Hackers go deep into JPMorgan Chase

The New York Times article "JPMorgan Chase Says More Than 76 Million Households Were Compromised in Cyberattack" is fascinating. These hackers got deep, very deep, into one of the most important financial institutions in the world. Here are some important quotes:

Hackers were able to burrow deep into JPMorgan’s computer systems, accessing the accounts of more than 90 servers — a breach that underscores just how vulnerable the global financial system is to cybercrime.
It is still not clear how hackers managed to gain deep access to the bank’s computer network. By the time the bank’s security team discovered the breach in late July, hackers had already gained the highest level of administrative privilege to more than 90 of the bank’s computer servers
More disturbing still, these people say, hackers made off with a list of the applications and programs that run on every standard JPMorgan computer– a hacker’s road map of sorts — which hackers could cross check with known vulnerabilities in each program and web application, in search of an entry point back into the bank’s systems.

What I find amazing is they got into 90 servers!  90.

For an organization that essentially says "Trust us with most of your wealth", the depth of this penetration, including blueprints to their systems that could help the hackers come back in, has staggering implications.