xfinity gets stuck, a lot

(Updated with additional videos on 2017-03-27)

I have had a lot of problems with my xfinity television service lately, where the video portion gets stuck on an image even though the audio keeps playing. I can use the controller to select different channels or select a pre-recorded video to watch, and while the audio changes, the video never changes.

I am encountering this about once a day. I find I often have this problem when trying to watch Bloomberg. I almost feel Bloomberg isn't a video signal but an application (with an embedded video), and it is buggy software. Whatever is the case, I hope xfinity fixes this soon.

Rebooting my cable box every day (sometimes multiple times per day) is not an acceptable fix.

The following video shows the problem (watch with audio on).

Comcast freezes 2017-02-25. This is getting tiring.
Comcast cable box frozen again. 2017-03-26