eero and IPv6

I have an eero Wi-Fi network and love it. However, while playing around with my old SimpleSniffer tool, I noticed that my laptop wasn’t generating any IPv6 traffic. It turns out that by default eero has IPv6 turned off. To turn it on, I followed these steps:

(0) Make sure you don’t have any active connections (like a remote login to a Linux machine) that you care about because the procedure below restarts your eero routers.


(1) Launch the eero application on your iPhone

(2) In the app, touch/click on the menu icon (see figures below)

(3) In the menu, touch “Network Settings”

(4) In Network Settings, touch “IPv6”

(5) In the IPv6, slide the IPv6 slider to the “on” position

Your eero network needs to be restarted (I think I got a prompt for this). After a few minutes I could reconnect to my eero Wi-Fi, and when possible, my laptop used IPv6 for connections. Presumably my iOS devices are also using IPv6 now too.

Here are images from my eero app.

Touch the menu icon

Touch Network Settings

Touch IPv6 section

Slide IPv6 setting to on