The Googol, Google,, and Richie Rich

In 1976 I learned what a “googol” was from a comic book, and the way it was presented as part of a clever mystery cemented its meaning in my mind. See the panels below for why the villain called himself the “Googol”.

21 years later a couple of Stanford graduate students registered a domain name for their new search engine, but they misspelled the name Googol. was born!

Later Google registered the domain - the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. A googol. If you do a lot of packet analysis, you have probably seen a fair amount of traffic to hosts in this domain.

Richie Rich Vaults of Mystery, March 1976, No. 9

Flashback to World War II describing why the pilot had to dump the treasure to escape

And the conclusion to the mystery - and why I can always remember what a googol is